Friday, February 08, 2008

Aaaah - relaxed not stressed

Aaah, I am looking forward to the weekend.

Miss A has gone to her dad's and I've made progress - this time I didn't cry on the way home from dropping her off! Not at all. It is still not easy though. She returns Sunday evening. hmmmm

Plans for this weekend were to plow through my Health assignment tonight and tomorrow, but that has changed. I managed to do it this afternoon and after working on it, just tidying it up a bit, for just over an hour a short time ago - It's done, complete yay!

My English assignment was also submitted tonight so I figure I have earnt some free time. But I won't go and knit just yet, I'll draw out that smug feeling of having all weekend just to knit ( there is the small matter of housework and mowing the lawn, that, I will leave till Saturday - don't wanna get all sweaty tonight)

So know I am in an empty house with my Kiri Shawl ( whichis going nicely, sorry no pics) and stuff all on tv, what shall I watch?! Might be a podcast night and just leave the telly on to combat the feeling of total aloneness.

What have you got planned?

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2paw said...

I think alone-ness s OK really, several notches up from loneliness!! Well done on the dropping off, it must be so hard. What a lovely feeling to have all your assignments behind you!!! This weekend I plan to sew a new bag I'm playing about with, walk The Labradors and have a Last Day Before School goes back mini celebration on Sunday!!!