Sunday, January 20, 2008

Forest Canopy is a FO

Finished it last night and blocked this morning:

Used my new lace blocking wires too.

Pattern: Forest Canopy
Yarn: Araucania 'Jewel' from Tapestry Craft

Was able to squeeze in 2 more repeats of the pattern and looking at the amount of yarn left I might have been able to do another, but wasn't game to try.

Is there anyone who is good at algebra - I need a tutor for my maths assignment. I started it at 9:30am
and when I finished, the clock read just past 3pm! I missed breakfast and lunch and I still need to recheck it. I hate maths.

I have 5 health lessons to plan for, an English assignment, this maths assignment and one maths exam left for this semester.

Now I am inbetween projects they are the last hing on my mind. I think a Kiri shawl might be next or a retry of the Flared Lace smokering in Kaalund 2ply.


2paw said...

Lovely shawl, I have seen quite a lot of the blocking wires about lately and they seem very good. It is very pretty!!! Oh, I love Maths. Too far away though..... Hope you find someone to help you.

Jessica said...

Ohhhhhhhh that shawl came out so pretty. Those blocking wires are tempting me.

Rachael said...

the shawl looks fantastic, welldone. Must get me some of those blockng wires!!!

Life's little stuff said...

That shawl is just gorgeous! How did you blck it ? what are those needle things ?? tell me , tell me!!

Oh yeah , I'm not too bad at algebra . so if you still want some help, let me know. Just been doing some with my dc's.

cheers Tina