Thursday, December 27, 2007



Outside (not my legs BTW)

nearly freakin' killed me!

Good news on the cat enclosure, it will be completed in a week and a half. The cat flap is now in and even if it is slightly uneven, it works and that's the main thing right?

The bad thing was that I had to cut into Asbestos. I had all the safety gear - respirator and filter rated for asbestos, complete disposable overalls to cover head to toe and safety goggles.
It was like being in a sauna suit for 3 hours! Bearing in mind today was over 30 degrees C. It took me over an hour to be able to sit up and walk again, I was stuffed.

I superglued the stanley knife to my thumb (don't ask how I did that), I siliconed half my hand, The PVC glue didn't stick to the plastic, only to me (again, don't ask). I popped a seam -lots of seams actually, in the disposable overalls, Miss A said I had holes in it everywhere and the respirator made me sound like Darth Vader. Of course, now I will worry that I didn't use enough protection and imagine that I inhaled the asbestos and will certainly die from Mesothelioma. Time will tell.

I will be disposing of the pieces of asbestos according to regulations. ie: wrapped in 220 micron? thick black plastic, taped with silver duct tape and delivered to a waste collection point. Phew!

What's the bet the cats won't use it?

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Jessica said...

WOW that is craziness. Sauna suit up on a 30 degree day eeek. Have the cats tried it out yet?