Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Long time no post!

Oops, when I first started this blog I was very keen and couldn't wait to add stuff. Especially through the breakup as it was a way of letting off steam.

Life has settled down now and I lead a very boring life of work/study/sleep/raise a family etc as I am sure a lot of you do too.

This does not mean to say that I have lost the knitting bug. I still look forward to knitting time, and it still calms me down. I just knit really slowly and progress is not as fast as my kntting time is limited due to studying at uni. And the fact that I decided to take on 3!! units during my Xmas holidays. Goose!

Anyway, I am on holidays now and have settled into an acceptable studying schedule. (study in the morning/knit in the afternoon/ bugger the housework)

So I know that I owe pictures of the Shawl Collar Jacket - that was a joy to knit and I need to knit something else in the Shadow Tweed. I still need a photo of this, but I will get to it I promise.

I have been wanting to try lace knitting for a while now. Ravelry is a great place to seek out patterns and check up on yarn and I have spent several days checking out lace projects to find out how difficult they are.

So I have settled on three patterns:
Forest canopy Shawl
Diamond Fantasy Shawl or
Flower Basket Shawl

I think it will be the one that has the edging knitted as you go, if I remember correctly, that's the Diamond Fantasy. As usual any advise is greatly accepted. What is the best project for a wannabe/beginner lace knitter?

I had my heart set on a variegated blue yarn but do you think I can find something here in Oz? Nup. I was looking at the Araucania, but at around $20 a ball for a first time lace project I don't think so. I did settle on some country prints in the blue/green/purple but it has been discontinued and there is none to be found.
I know that is not laceweight but I reckon if I try lace with a more chunky yarn it will be easier for me and I really wanted a chunky shawl anyway. I can envision myself chucking the mess of fairy floss across the room if I stuffed up with a finer yarn and that would be the end of lace knitting. I should really call it lacier knitting as, you know, it isn't wuite laceweight if that makes sense.

I've even ordered a lace blocking kit from here as well as some Cascade 220 to try.
And I have some Dream in Color on it's way in Gothic Rose and Dusky Aurora from here.

I am currently kniting a vest out of Bendigo Neon which is going well so far, but very slowly and one more pair of Fetchings.

I have received some great news workwise recently: I have been made permanent! with a payrise and upgrade woohoo. (hence the spurge on blocking wires/yarn etc.)
This is amazing in itself, as people in my line of work know that to be offered permanency is a rare thing, as well as at a time when my school is closing to make way for the Super school and the department had said no permanency was to be offered at this time. So that relieves a lot of financial pressure as I know I have a job as long as I want it.

I've rearranged my knitting room - taken out my study desk, moved my stash to the small room next to my knitting room, crammed in a sofa-bed (still have both recliners in there) and added a TV. It is just a great place to sit and knit, with the fantastic natural light during this time of year.

I doubt I will post again before Christmas. But I will endeavor to update fortnightly in the future.
Merry Christmas.

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