Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas was almost cancelled!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

We nearly cancelled Xmas this year as 6 days beforehand one of our cats went missing for 4 nights!

Miss A and I were very upset as it was really unusual for her to just disappear like that.
To add to our worry was that it was very stormy - the most rainfall since April this year. Our cats are never going outside again let me tell ya. Those heartbreaking
4 days were it. I am not going to lose another cat again.

I have enlisted the aid of secureakat and we have decided to enclose the whole side of the house where the 2 rainwater tanks are. We don't use this side at all and it is currently gravelled, all i want to do is move the gravel so that a strip down the middle will be grassed. Unfortunately it won't be done until end of Jan early Feb.

Have you seen the price of cat play equipment?! I intend to make a lot of it myself (any excuse to purchase a power tool) A nice man at Bunnings has cut a sheet of wood into bits so that I can glue and screw and make boxes for the cats to sleep in. Miss A will be in charge of the colour/painting part.

After a trip out today, I think the cat problem is sorted temporarily. It is actually a large puppy enclosure but with a few cat toys it's a cat enclosure. I intend to put them in here for a bit at a time so that they are not stuck inside. Maybe feed them the good tinned stuff as a treat so that they look forward to it.....cos they hate it at the moment.

Infernal human un-imprison me!

Puddy (who was on the missing cat list) realised she was locked in straight away and wouldn't stop meowing. Andy and Kitty went in together (they do not get along with Puddy very well) and they were like "ooh there's food, ooh there's water, look over here, a scratching thing, look a kitty tray, hang on ... what's this wall here? How do we get out? I want out!" Took 'em 20 minutes to work it out.

What did Father Christmas bring you? ... I was lucky to get some yarny goodness that was unwrapped many days before Xmas - Dream In Color Smooshy sock yarn in Gothic Rose and Dusky Aurora, some blocking wires in preparation for my forays into lace knitting.
Couldn't resist the Tapestry Craft sale ( ummed and ahhed for many days before committing to buy) I've ordered some Auracania yarn in Ocean and for Miss A Jewels for shawls.
What is it that I have a hankering to knit shawls?? The triangle shawl from the Knitting Olympics of 2006- I think it was - kicked my ass and that was/is a very simple M1 one st in from each end and once in the middle. Reminds me, that needs to be frogged.

Now I am not only on a yarn diet, but a money diet too. Can't wait to get back to work and earn some money or I'm gonna send myself broke!


Jessica said...

I am so glad your cat came home and Christmas was restored.
That yarn sounds very scrummy. Perfect to keep you occupied and away from yarn drooling on the internet ;p

2paw said...

Oh how scary!! My friend has built a 'Cateau' for her two cats and it does bring peace of mind. Another friend lost her two cats, they didn't have a 'run' and they just disappeared. Glad you have happy cats now!!!