Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blocked, Barbecued and Blubbering

WARNING: Picture heavy post...You can tell when i'm on holidays can't ya?

The Shawl Collar Jacket in Shadow Tweed has completed fronts and back. I didn't try too hard to get the shadings to matchup. I just started knitting with the same strength of colour. Quite pleased at how the fronts do match though. Tried the 3 needle bind-off on the shoulders (again) and I just cannot get the whole wrap,pickup etc. I think I am wrapping the wrong stitch and when you go to pick them up, they are stretched across the stitch, making a little hole. It is not too noticeable.

Kitty says, "Now can I sit on it??"

After Mr Ex took our BBQ and the Webber Kettle that I had wanted, I really missed BBQ'd food, especially with the weather warming up. I took the plunge and purchased a BBQ a few weeks ago. It came in a big box with assembly instructions! Simple enough step by step instructions that were kinda easy to follow.

This lot.....

became this...

Also been adding to the garden we have...


S'posed ta be Sweetcorn



Peas Oops about the bottom of the photo.


Experimental Oak Lettuce

Experimental because it was purchased to eat and we ate and then because it still has it's roots attached, I thought it might grow/turn to seed and we might get some more growing. It has picked up since being planted and is no longer wilting, so maybe it will grow seed for us. Dunno.

Miss A has gone away for the weekend (4 whole nights!!!) I hate it when she goes,I have a very hard time dealing with it, but she really wanted to go this time, it's the only time she gets with her father - he hardly contacts her any other time. Mr Ex has replaced me with another ( didn't want Miss A much at all until he got a girlfriend who could look after her for him) and she gets to go on what was our regular family holiday. After more than ten years going to the same spot for the October long weekend I now stay home alone. sniff. It kills me to send her on holidays, I was teaching her how to run the shower and how to organise stuff in the tiny shower cubicles, not put bare feet on the floor etc. and now I have to hand that over to someone that I don't know. *short pause to dry tears*
The song playing on the radio is "Big Girls Don't Cry", how appropriate.

Anyway the footy Grand Final is on today, the most footy I've watched is the last 10 mins of the preliminary finals this year. My team is in the Grand Final this year- GO THE POWER!- Really looking forward to this, I intend to sit and knit while watching the footy, and try not to cry anymore.

Tragic, I know. Luckily I have my cats to keep me company and with the fights I'm breaking up between Andy and Scrappy I won't get bored.

Oh, Mr Ex reckons he will take Scrappy next week, so then I'll be down to 3 cats. It will be better for Scrappy 'cos he can't even sleep without getting attacked. I have to wake-up several times a night to separate 'em. I've sprayed Feliway around the house so hopefully that'll help today.


Life's little stuff said...

Hi Tigers
Love that your colour has turned out great while not stressing about getting it right - you gotta love that!
We've got an old bbq , yours looks great like a mini Tardis! My favourite bbq is breakfast -eggs , bacon, tomato etc even the toast. : ) What's your first meal going to be?
Oh and I'm really impressed with the veg. I just chucked out the bottom of our lettuce - should have read your blog sooner.
I'm sorry you're having a sh..ty weekend. Cry by all means - you're entitled. Hopefully it'll make you feel better. My sister and I clean when we're going through stuff but knitting sounds like much more fun.
here's a cyber hug {{{HUGS}}}} for ya
ps if this gets sent twice blame the cyber Gods -sorry

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the finished shadow tweed jacket!!