Saturday, September 01, 2007


I think that's how you spell it..
Miss A has taken a liking to golf and to encourage her we have purchased a putting thing that returns the ball if you get it in the right spot, an indoor model connected to the power point.

We needed something outside so this morning we created this...

Andy the cat loves it! Pokin' his paws in and scooping out the ball, to the dismay of Miss A.

Uni has kept me really busy these past few weeks. Boring unit I have to push myself to do. I am behind in the readings, my group of 4 people has only me contributing to it and the assignment is due in 2 weeks! I am the one sending emails and uploading to the boards, we have 3 members that I don't hear from at all this is very frustrating. I refuse to do everyone's work so I will only do my bit and if we fail then so be it.

Have not been knitting at all - it has taken me 3 months and I still haven't finished a scarf.
I have orders for Fetchings that I just cannot do - don't wanna. Need to order some size 2mm addi turbos for socks. I did cast on some lovely sock yarn, a present from Jessica but I think I need smaller needles. The fabric was just too holey for socks.

I have had Laryngitis for 2 weeks and then a slight head cold and have been feeling so drained. Thant's my excuse for not studying. So looking forward to summer.

One thing I have been obsessing over is coffee beans. I purchased a bean grinder and a plunger this week and have been brewing some nice coffee ( Have only started drinking coffee this year and now can't get enough)

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