Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I'm in, Tigerknits, add me if you wish.

After not feeling like knitting I am suddenly feeling enlivened.
Bendigo has, available for a short time, Neon (striping like Shadow Tweed/Vintage Hues but in an 8 ply) , I love it and can't wait to actually touch it. It is definitely a limted production and will not become a permanent addition (I know this because I asked/begged them to keep it)

I have picked up the Shawl Collar Jacket out of Shadow Tweed. I intitially wouldn't pick it up 'cos I thought I wouldn't be able to work out where I was up to, fortunately I found that it was only just started and just past the ribbing.

But I wanna play with Neon!


2paw said...

Isn't the Neon lovely?? Though not very 'neony' really!! I bought some green. I am glad you asked about it staying, but sad to hear it won't. I want large 200g balls of it!!
Your taop is beautiful, it looks great. I might dig out the magazine. You are a fast knitter!!

2paw said...

OK< ignore the bit about the top. I am a comment moron!!!! I have had about 40 blogs to catch up on and I have comment overload!!