Monday, January 08, 2007

First FO of the year

Hopefully it won't be the only FO this year!

I have just finished the Central Park Hoody....not totally happy with it as it is a tad on the big side but it is perfect for wearing over a jumper :( Next one will be two sizes smaller I think, I wanted to wear it over a tshirt not a jumper as well, but it is nice and warm and was cozy at the park yesterday.

Had a family reunion picnic in the city where it was cold, windy and drizzly for a bit and the hoody kept me nice and warm.

Sorry no pics as yet. But trust me it is finished.

I have now started on Miss A's CPHoody in Pink Opal from Bendigo. As soon as she'd seen mine it was like "Make me one!"

What's that? Where's the afghan I just bought all that wool for....dunno....I cannot decide between a nice cabled, single stranded throw (dammit Jess ever since you sent me that link....) which would take me forever and I'd need to sit right next to the chart, or a double stranded, garter stitched, sewn up block version - which would be a quick knit, nice and thick.

So what sort of throw should I start? Thick 'n' easy or thin but cabled?? both?
I have selected a fawn coloured shade of the Cleckheaton Country and a matching flecked one as well which I was going to make the Lion Brand Winter Night Afghan.

Bearing in mind I wanted a throw for warmth and something to chuck over me when I feel like napping on the lounge. And the fact that I am a pretty slooow knitter oh and feel the cold hmmm...I thought the blocks would make a nice portable project but having now sewn up the hoody I am not really that keen on seams.

Bendigo's 12ply rustic would make a nice cabled throw, but I have the stuff to make the thicker one. That's why there is no afghan started at this house

New Years Resolutions:
1. To not eat so much chocolate -does not include the four chocolates I just ate for breakfast this morning.
2. To not purchase more yarn - does not include the Socks That Rock Club membership I just paid for and we will not mention the cost of this again or I will have to go into a whole 'nother post about why I signed up! Nor does it include the purchase of any yarn to make an afghan of some sort when a final decision is made.
3. To never let my backyard/frontyard/side of house become overgrown again - ever! Such a pain to have to wrangle into submission singlehandedly. I wish that I had remembered to take a photo of how bad it was but I think I am ashamed of how bad it was and don't want all of blogland to know.
4. To save money - for improvements on my house. Sadly neglected for years and I mean something like 15 years! Needs TLC (Truck Load of Cash)

Doing well so far aren't I?


2paw said...

Oh you are so good, I still have my CPH to sew up. It's just too hot!! I want to knit a throw rug too, but I have no ideas at all!! I did see the Lizard one from Knitty knitted in strips. That looked good.
Oh I SO identify with #3. I am waiting for it to be cooler so I can cut down the sprouting blackberries. I had 10 years worth of them and now I must keep on top of them. I can't poison because of The Labradors... Good luck!!!!!.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I really need to work on #3 too. My DH despises yardwork, so of course I am not motivated either. (SIGH)