Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let the Renno's begin

While I am on holidays I have been taking the time to do some small repairs to the house.

Of course I only remember to take the 'before ' pictures afterwards! But not with the bathroom, I remembered so here are some before and after pics: Eww! yucky. Now bear
in mind that Mr Ex said it was too expensive to fix, can't be done etc and for less than $150 and a week and a half and much effort it is nearly completed.

I scraped out all the old grout, siliconed around the edges, re grouted, and waterproofed the shower.
The main thing was letting every step cure. Silicone needed to be left 72 hours, new grout 72 hours and 24 for the waterproofing. Can't wait till Saturday as the shower will be back in action yay! Bathing with a shower hose has been fun but give me back the shower!

I had to redo the bathroom because I had that part of the house restumped and lifted and
the consequences of that repair was lots of cracks to the tiles, tiles falling off and gaps in the corners of the walls. Not counting the gaps and broken tiles that were there already plus a leaking shower.
Such a blast doing this all by myself, oh but Miss A did bring me buckets of water on request for wiping the grout off. Who needs a man??

Here is a list of what I have done so far and a list of what needs doing, I am so proud that I did these things by myself (I am listing them because I need a record of what I have done because fixing a house up becomes so overwhelming and it feels good to look back on completed repairs) :
*Installed a doorbell
*Pantry cupboards - painted, reshelved, new door handles
*Re mortared the chimney - a lovely bricklayer did this for me
*Fixed leaky shower taps
*Backyard cleaned up, bathtub pond,orange tree and passionfruit vine removed - thanks to a great
friend and her husband who came down one day and backyard blitzed me
*Antenna - never had a proper working antenna and can now watch crystal clear crappy tv
*Laundry tap - fixed in 5 minutes after having no tap for the last 10 years, just a broken one
*Verticals in my knitting room - thanks Vista!
*Created a knitting room - see pics below
*Purchased two comfy recliners for knitting room
*Rainwater tanks fixed to stop leaks
*Checked smoke alarms - I have 11 foot ceilings and a heavy ladder, this was no easy feat!
*New outdoor setting all set up
*Bathroom regrouted, sealed and waterproofed

Here's my backyard...a bit of a blank canvas at the moment but plans for veggie growing and flowers abound. Oops probably shouldn't have emptied the grouting bucket right there. You should have seen it when it was an overgrown jungle, this pic makes it look good!

To Do List

-Clean the gutters
-Buy a lighter ladder
-Dig the garden and make a veggie patch
-mulch garden
-Replace bull nosed verandah
-Paint house inside and out
-Curtains for computer room
-New bathroom vanity
-Resilver bathroom mirrors
-Remove rubbish behind the shed
-New screen doors
-Restump other side of house
-Make a cat enclosure down the side of the house

Knitting Room

Here are some pics of where I sit and knit:

The recliners are covered in rugs because the cats like to climb up them and scratch them and I don't want them to. Therefore the cats are only allowed in the room when I am in there too.

Bookshelf with books

Yarn stash, yep this is all of it, all in the one place, so I can look at it and it can shame me into using it up.

Here's a pic of the completed Central Park Hoodie. Yarn: Bendigo 12ply Rustic in Damson

Miss A's CPHoodie now has a completed back. Yarn: Bendigo 12 ply Rustic in Pink Opal

Miss A's Fetching went to the frog pond and was restarted with 5 stitches less and on bigger needles and now it is way easier to knit. Yarn: Country Silk? in pink
Now I get to knit them while I wait for the grout to cure before being able to paint on the waterproofing at 9pm Thursday night (The sooner it goes on the sooner we can use the shower)


Donna said...

Excellent job, you deserve to be very proud of yourself!!

Jessica said...

Well done!!!
I bet those fetchings go much quicker now.

Anonymous said...

You've done a great job with the renno
and kept up your knitting. I'm really impressed.
cheers Tina

knit twits said...

OMG! You have the chicken tiles too. My parents still have them in their bathroom, I remember growing up and sitting in the bath seeing the little chick in the tile shapes.
I've house-sat for a friend who also has them, and they are in the women's toilets at the Wheatsheaf.
They must have been a very common design.