Friday, September 01, 2006

Ready, Set, Go!

The Central Park Hoodie officially starts today, so last night I decided on a size (finally) and cast on my 110 sts and started the ribbing. I've done a total of 4 rows so far.
I haven't knitted anything in about a month I reckon, I've had too much here, thinking and preparing for the future. Starting to get excited about this again and look forward to knitting it later today.

I've had this sucky cold/fluey thing this week and now Miss A has it we are having so much fun here with snuffling and coughing and crying.

I start my second job today...did I mention that before? Respite caring for people with disabilities in the community. Really looking forward to starting but not nervous because I know the person that I'll be regularly working with. There's also an opportunity to increase the hours by working with other people, and to be called in as a back up, so that will help with the finances.

So what colour did I choose for the Hoodie?? Well you'll have to wait and see.....remember it was a toss up between Elm and Damson from Bendy.

Happy Knitting

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