Friday, August 18, 2006

Fantastic Friday!

Okay, there hasn't been much knitting this week - well none at all!

I've been ringing lawyers and banks and downloading divorce papers and preparing to start my second job.

Yep, that's right a second job. Which requires me to have an ABN (I think that's Australian Business Number??) so now I have my own business.
I will be subcontracting my services as a respite carer. This involves taking a person/child with disabilities out for a few hours each week, so we get to do fun stuff like go walking on the beach, play sport etc. It has the scope for me to expand the hours and work evenings and nights and weekends, which will fit in if I decide to study further.

Mr Ex and I have agreed to settlements regarding property and child support and care of Miss A.
I get to stay in the house, YAY!

I visited the bank this afternoon and I was pre-approved for a home loan. With more than the amount I wanted to borrow! Enough to pay the lawyers and a few small improvements to the house (which, no doubt, I'll be showing off on the blog) Only need to go and see the lawyer next week to get the agreements in writing and approved by the family court. Then back to the bank and there you go.

We'll be sitting down to fill in the divorce kit this weekend so it's all happening here.

Oh and the uni course I'm thinking of doing (Bachelor of Education) is being offered waay closer to home so I'm definitely looking into that a bit further.

Funny how things are just slotting into place right now. It's going to be a great weekend future.

Oh, forgot to add, remember I purchased Damson and Mariner from Bendigo? Well the Mariner was still not going to be ready for another few weeks so I asked them to substitute Elm for it. I'm going to knit the Central Park Hoodie with Elm. Now I'm not a green person but that one just caught my eye and I've been dreaming of it - you know how it is.


Rachael said...

ohh I'm thinking of ELM for CPhoodie too! (or agate???) Nice of them to let you know, the customer service thru Bendi is top notch..

Glad things are sounding up for you, 'bout time!

Good luck with it all, looking forward to hearing what happens with the reno's

Tigers said...

Thanks Rachel.

Renos will be a very sloow process though. Have to remember to take lots of photos.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hi, it has me curious that acouple of people are going to use 8 ply for the CP hoodie when the tension in pattern is more an aran or 10 ply,(I have picked the colour but shock!! the date is very close and I am a wee bit out of pocket at moment and can't order till end of next week!!!)

Tigers said...

The yarn I am getting is a 12 ply - which Bendigo states is about 22.5 sts/10cm. Very close to what is called for.
Yeah, I don't know how you'd get on with a smaller yarn, wouldn't it be a very open/loose fabric?
Be interesting to see how they go with it.

Anonymous said...

YAY for things falling into place and going well for you. Elm is pretty too... are you still going to get the Mariner at a later stage???


Sharon said...

Elm is such a lovely colour, it will look great in CPH.

Sounds like all is going well with you ;)