Sunday, September 03, 2006

Saturday Update

Yesterday Miss A and I went to the Royal Show. We were lucky to have some free tickets as we were working a shift in the Handspinners and Weavers Guild's stall. It was the most fun day we have had for a while.

First we had to go and get the showbags - not too bad Miss A only wanted 4 of them. I'd been planning ahead financially so it wasn't a great blow to the budget. It was a 'stuff the budget' day and the fun we had was worth it. I must add here that I hate going to the show and I still have that coughy infection but I had the best time and want to go again. ( I've seen the Twistie bag and reckon that'd be a good knitting bag as well ;) )

I bought the Coke bag because I thought it would make a good knitting bag, it has 2 sections both zippered one for purse and phone etc and the bigger section for my knitting. I can't help buying knitting bags it's like my obsession with tables ( I really like tables for some reason!) Anyway if I see a bag that can remotely be used to carry my knitting then I just gotta have it. ( I have about 15 bags suitable for carrying knitting at the moment but can't stop myself)

I was a bit nervous turning up for duty at the stall as I haven't really met anyone from the guild before, I normally just lob in to the monthly meeting buy fleece and go. But they made me feel at home and got me spinning pretty much straight away. I was even able to get some show goers to sit and spin. I got a real buzz cos I know what it's like to go and watch someone spin and want to try it cos they make it look so easy, but this time it was me giving the demonstration and answering questions. And my spinning has improved, I was able to spin nice and evenly with only a few accidental slubs, joining on was easy. Although I must say the fleece had quite a long staple which made it easier to spin - it was a Corriedale/Romney X if I remember correctly from Lomman's near Burra - they have nice fleece. I do have a bag of their fleece that I have yet to spin and this has renewed my interest in spinning.

Miss A bought along her french knitting and did some of that during the afternoon. There were a few people interested in her work and asked where they could get a french knitting thingy. Looking back we should've made a few out of popsticks and cardboard rolls (clingwrap rolls not loo rolls I know the hygiene issues there) and made up little kits with yarn to get the kids started.

I'm thinking of getting a new wheel. Mine is hard to treadle and it walks away from me while spinning and the one I used yesterday was so easy I don't even feel sore today yet after half an hour on my wheel I get a sore back.

So any ideas for what makes a good wheel and any recommendations as to which brand?
Single or double treadle?
Single drive or double drive?


Jessica said...

I'm no help with anything to do with spinning wheels so can't help you there. Sounds like you and Miss A had a great day.

What I am dying to know is which colour did you choose for your Central Park Hoodie?????

Lynne said...

G'day Tigers! Thanks for dropping by. My DH has a heap of rellos in Adelaide.
Sounds like your spinning wheel is an Ashford Traditional (three legged) if it "walks" as you spin. Are you spinning on a wooden/vinyl/tiled floor? If so, put a towel or mat under it. It's heavy? Do you oil it? It may need a service too. If you take the drive belt off does the big wheel go around easily or does it slow down quickly?
I've now got a majacraft gem II to go with my traddy. I stuck with the single drive but double treadle is very nice :-)
Maybe your guild can let you use some different wheels - ours has wheels for hire.
I'd love to do a demo in public on the spindle or wheel but opportunities here are few and far between.

Tigers said...

Hi Lynne,
Yep, it's an Ashford Traditional. It's been serviced and I oil it regularly. I think I'll just butt it up against something to stop it walking away. The wheel goes around easily and it spins true.

I've heard good things about the Majacraft wheels, must go and look them up.

I had a little play on my wheel today and it is not soo bad that I can't live with it - I think it may be my technique or how I sit...

Sharon said...

I know a lady here in Launceston who is an avid spinner and she has just bought a new one, sorry I can't remember the name of it but I do know that it is a double treadle and she is very happy with it.

I think that a lot of kids would love to do french knitting but unfortunately like a lot of crafts not many do them anymore so they don't get a chance to learn.