Friday, June 09, 2006

Guinea Pigs and socks....

As promised earlier, here are the pictures of the finished socks, we also have Guinea Pig pics!

Made from cheap Big W acrylic and some eyelash yarn - pattern link in a previous post cos I'm too lazy to add another link and must do some more of my assignment tonight.

Isn't he the cutest? I am soo glad he's done as I think the gauge was wrong it was tight to knit, so next time I'll use larger needles. He needs a friend and some babies. Oh and some food too.

Here are the socks in Opal Magic - yellow. I should have made these a bit bigger too as I don't think they'll fit for very long. And she won't wear them now!!

Top view:

Bottom view:

Side view: You can just see the Eye of Partridge on the heel ;)

I have only three assignments due (two are half done) before I finish up the Cert 4 in ICT yay! Then the Cert 4 in Business Admin starts up this Wednesday. phew.

Knitting Knews

The yarn has come in for Rogue and I haven't had a chance to swatch yet but definitely will.
I am lusting after some Bendigo Rustic in 12ply so that will have to wait till next pay day.
I am still on the 4x4 ribbed scarf and think that I am about one third the way through, so I'll do some more this weekend.

I've had a bad cold this week I think I had one weeks break between this one and the last one I posted about and am looking forward to the long weekend.

I knitted a quick scarf in some pretty yarn from Needlenook this week while I was sick and should block it this weekend, I'm trying to make it a little bit longer and open out the stitches so will post pics when that's done - don't hold your breath but.

Have a great weekend wherever you are.

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Jessica said...

Guinea pig is cute and socks are great.

Miss A, You better wear those socks or Miss B may just try and run off with them :)