Sunday, June 18, 2006

The scarf is done!

The black alpaca scarf is complete and is now blocking on Miss A's bed and will probably be there for the next few days. It is in her room with the door shut so no puddy cats can mess it up. It's cold in there with the door shut so I am disappointed to find it is going to take a few days to dry.

I have cast on for some mittens with Spotlights Piuma yarn (very soft). Knitting them one at a time with 2 circulars. Unfortunately I mucked up the first two increases and had 2 little holes where the thumb gusset stars so I ripped it back to the ribbing this morning. Luckily I was able to rip back successfully, and ended up with the right amount of stitches on each side, and the correct amount of rows worked as well. So It's ready to go later on today. It is more of a grey and then a pinky purple not the nice blue/purple it looks like on my monitor.

I am just starting to take risks with my knitting, like ripping back a bit and not restarting the whole project from scratch. Also considering deliberately dropping a stitch on something just to see if I can pick it up without panicking.
Oh also considering lace! Evolution of a knitter??

Today I finished the last assignment for one of my Cert 4 courses. Yay. Hopefully not much will come back with more work needed to be done on any part of it.

It is a beautiful day outside here it's a bummer I can't move the scarf and put it somewhere warmer to dry. I dare not move it.

Yesterday Miss A and I baked. She made Gingerbread Biscuits and I made my favourite, Lemon Slice.
Gingerbread Biscuits are from the book: Women's Weekly Kids Cooking.

Lemon Slice is an old family favourite. I remember it being called Marie Biscuit Slice because it uses Marie biscuits.

Recipe as follows: I double it cos otherwise you have half a tin of condensed milk leftover.

Lemon slice
1 tin condensed milk
250g butter
grated rind of 4 lemons
500g crushed plain biscuits
6 tablespoons coconut

Lemon icing
Icing sugar mixed with lemon juice

Melt butter and condensed milk over a low heat, do not boil.
Add crushed biscuits, coconut and lemon rind.
Mix well.
Press into a shallow tin, set in the fridge.
Ice with lemon icing cut into fingers (or big huffing chunks) to serve.
Really healthy.....yeah, right.

Oops, when doubling this to write out I just realised I only used 125g of butter and only 3 tablespoons of coconut and it still tastes good. Hmm ,well there you go, I just halved the amount of fat in it perhaps now it's a bit healthier? Better go and have another piece just to check.

Have a good weekend.


Sandra said...

that scarf will make somebody's neck happy and worm! Like that coloures of mittens in progress!

Jessica said...

Yay for finishing that scarf and congrats on getting assignments done.
Trying new things with your knitting is what makes it fun. Unless it's with birch, then it's not quite so fun and you're left with a ball of yarn hidden away in a corner.
But undoing is good cause you can always redo it:)