Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tigers' Big Day Out

Yesterday I had a day off of work and decided to skip town to the country for the day. Miss A and I went to Hahndorf. My friend Jess went there last weekend. We have a lot in common Jess and I - she goes to Hahndorf, I go to Hahndorf (totally coincidental) She's knitting Rogue, I want to knit Rogue (okay this is after she shows me the pattern!) Did I mention she is a great enabler??

First off we went to the Farm Barn (had to put in a fun thing otherwise Miss A wouldn't have come)
Miss A got to milk a cow, bottle feed lambs, feed guinea pigs. They have different types of sheep there that you can pat: Damara, Liecester, Suffolk and Merino. Outside they have a huge fenced yard that contains wallabies (I think they were wallabies definitely not kangaroos), geese, ducks another Damara sheep, and several deer. Inside they have a beehive and chicks hatching in an incubator, an alpaca, rabbits.

All was going well until this big deer targeted Miss A and began to eat the bottom of her pants. She's standing there squealing and I'm laughing, then I come to my senses, if it keeps going it'll wreck her good pants and she's just standing there so I grabbed her and pulled her away and out come her pants from the deers mouth luckily unharmed.

They have a show that goes for about an hour and they bring out the different sheep to meet everyone.

After that we went into the city itself. There's lots of shops to visit - a beeswax shop with lip balms and creams, a lolly shop with boiled lollies, oh a soap shop - I bought 2 bars of Frangipani and 1 of honeysuckle. There's an alpaca shop with yarns and garments already made to purchase. There was a nice jumper there for only $199.00 !

I didn't buy any yarn there and decided to stop off at Needlenook on the way home for a quick fix.
I didn't purchase anything there either but I've ordered yarn for the Rogue.

Miss A fell in love with a guinea pig at the Farm Barn and in Needlenook decides that I could knit her one. Yeah right I said, but after sleeping and dreaming of knitted guinea pigs I think it's possible - they make Hedgehogs right? How hard can a guinea pig be.

Mine will be very simple - a knitted tube stuffed with embroidered eyes and mouth. She also wants a carrot - a knitted triangle sewn up with a bit of green out the top, and a piece of lettuce - I'll make this up as I go along. Oh and then there's babies it has to have babies! Simple - smaller tubes.

So we are off to Big W today for some supplies to knit guinea pigs.
Watch this space for the birth of guinea pigs!

I've promised her by tonight she'll have a guinea pig.

Here is a ready made one.

Did you know that there are patterns for this!! Wow this looks a lot like a guinea pig. Miss A has decided this is the one she wants, don't know if I'll finish it tonight though we'll see.

Well, off to Big W to buy yarn. Have a great weekend.


metal and knit said...

gdee hope you an show a picture of your guniea pig

Jessica said...

I'm glad you want to knit Rogue too. Actually I am thinking others may want too as well once we are done:)

Emma said...

That's rather amusing - daughter wants a pet so you knit her one. Much less maintenance!