Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not much knitting has been happening this week, why? Cos I'm addicted to this dam Vampire Wars game on Facebook.

It is sucking up every spare minute I have. I think it's because I have been so focussed on the real-life never-ending happenings - uni/study/work/parenting etc - that a bit of fantasy role play is very enticing.

You attack people for blood, hire minions and they give you blood, blood is the currency etc etc.

Anyway enough of that, I currently have 3 pairs of socks on the needles.

Not happy with how the Nutkins have turned out so it'll get frogged, only half of one done.

My Lorna's Laces in tickled pink are striping and I don't like it so they are awaiting a trial on larger needles to see how they'll turn out and if the striping will be more of a pooling type of effect.

My plain tiger socks are the ones I've turned to, plain, non-thinking knitting and they are the only ones I'm happy with at the moment.

No pictures, it's too late to get the camera out and find the sockies. And I need to go get some more blood mwahahahah!!

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