Sunday, February 15, 2009

We have been messing around with the Ashford Dyes again. Now that the shed is set up it is so easy to head out there and throw some dye on some yarn.

I will never get ( well I don't think I will ) any Poison Nr 5 from Wollmeise. So I tried dying yarn with purple and black:

Wanna closer look? It's darker in person.

But wait.. were's the black? Well after it had dried I noticed some patches that I missed, and I checked during dyeing, really I did, so I threw it in a purple dyebath for a second go. Some black bits remained black and the purple went really bright. In person it looks more darkpink and dark purply black. This will be a Forest Canopy Cowl Fetching Set.

I am trying to dye the perfect *tiger* yarn. Oh wait let's look at my first go - which I used to knit my Tiger Feet socks ( yes, I did do one) emphasis on the one.

Just not happy with how they were knitting up. And I suck at duplicate stiching so I've found out. They are hibernating because I had to go and attempt tiger yarn #2:

But wait, where are the white bits? Duh forgot to leave room for white. Back to the dyepot:

This is tiger yarn #3. I'm much happier with this one but there is a bit too much grey. Alhough I like how the colours merge into each other- took care with this when dyeing it up, so that turned out as planned - which are a bit lost in the way it knits up but. Had to drop everything to see how this would knit up. Grrrr ;)

wish blogger would stop messing around with my photos looks much better the right way up.

Miss A had a go at dyeing up some balls for projects that she has requested. This we have named Rainbow Pony Spew, it has soo many colours. It is going to be her winter Fetchings.

This one she dyed up for socks, mainly has primary colours and is not as colourful as the above yarn.

This is my blue/green attempt. This one is also for a Forest Canopy Cowl/ Fetchings Set.

I have not been monogamous with my knitting lately which is not at all like me.I cast on the teal Moda Vera Socks to see how they'd knit up ( been doing that a lot lately) on 2.5mm needles. So far so good these will be put aside as an 'in between projects' project, something to grab when a small project is needed. They are more teal in person.

Still want to knit a Wisteria and a Tangled Yoke Cardi, and have the yarn ready to go for them but uni starts up March 2nd and I am having fun messing around with dyeing and socks at the moment.
I know when uni starts I won't have the time to mess about and will be back in the strict timetable cycle of work sleep study.


Rudee said...

You're amazing with the dye. I love the tiger feet socks. Very clever!

2paw said...

Your dyeing is fabulous and I LOVE your Tiger sock!!!!