Sunday, February 08, 2009

A few projects to update:
firstly another felted bag. This was completed at the same time as the others but I've only just found the camera charger and now feel comfortable using the camera again knowing the batteries can be charged.

Lincraft Cosy Wool, 1.5 balls. 5.5mm needles. This bag carries my sock WIPs.

Also completed Patonyle Socks #4314 from a destash in Ravelry.

Just wanted to see how they would knit up. Lucky to have the stripes match up.
2.5mm needles and my sock recipe.

Lion Brand Magic Stripes 2.5mm needles and my sock recipe. This is a bit scratchy after the Patonyle so they are hibernating for a bit.

I saw these on Ravelry and had to have a try at making them. In a coincidental twist, last night I was surfing the stash for yarn to use for my next pair of socks and decided that I am competent enough at knitting socks to use my hand dyed tiger yarn that I made ages ago (think 2 yrs ago or so it's been waiting that long) so they were already ear-marked as the next socks.

I even want to name them the same but feel it would be 'wrong' to, so I've called mine Tiger Feet Socks.

The details are duplicate stitched on which would be easier than changing yarn for such short runs of colour.

Nearly forgot....
Finished my Raspberry Cowl and had enough yarn leftover to make a pair of fetchings.

Handyed cleckheaton country 8ply beige. 4mm needles for Fetching, 4.5mm for Cowl.
Cowl pattern is Forest Canopy Cowl. Had a blast knitting these.

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