Friday, June 06, 2008

Long Weekend

Aah, this weekend is a long one courtesy of the Queen having a birthday. Thanks QE.

My university assignments have just been posted in which means I have come to the end of this semester. Must go and see how long the holidays are...ooh looks like about 6 weeks. I feel so tired and have looked forward to this for so long, to have respite from one stress is terrific. I have 3 days off now until back to work and it is delightful.

I am currently knitting the Iris vest, but have decided to modify it to knit it in the round and omit the front opening. After 5 false starts we are off. So far it's going well, no pictures cos I am stuffed and not getting up to get the camera. I'm using some Cleckheaton Country 12ply in purple.
What's the bet that the size will be wrong? I am sort of slotting the pattern into an old vest pattern the difference is only 6 sts which I will reduce when the pattern has finished.

My socks are in time out as the pooling on the second one is not nice. I hae tried knitting tighter, looser and it is still not nice. This is disappointing as the first one was good.

The Mega boots stretch socks are also in time out as I think they might be better on smaller needles and can't decide whether to continue or frog 'em.

Also can't get hold of 4-5 balls of Cascade 220 number 2428 lot 0665. I have 3 balls but need extra for a complete 3/4 sleeve cardy. That means I have to save up and get 8 hanks of something suitable. Now if I lost weight I would need less yarn, this is my main motivator to get fitter. Hence we have had no soft fizzy drink for the last 3 days. Not much, but it is a start.

So I have a free weekend of knitting to do when I let them out of time out. Which one should I let off first? Or I could start something new, you know, just for the weekend, seeing as though the others are naughty.


Rudee said...

I'll look for your cascade 220 here. Email me the specifics (there are 3-4 different yarns) and I'll have a look-see around town. I love an excuse to go to the yarn store.

I'm glad you settled on Iris. I think it's pretty.

2paw said...

Hope you had a restful long weekend!! I like pooling, but a change in stitch number or needles should fix it!!

Ann said...

I like the Iris Vest & can't wait to see yours. Thanks for visiting my blog.