Sunday, May 18, 2008


Forgot about the 3 pairs I had on the needles at the time plus the yarn 'in transit' oh and what I got today.... soo that'll bring the total to, let me see....oh let's just say closer to 140.

Found some Sllivans sock yarn at Lincraft today and 4 balls came home with me. Need to try this on 2.5mm needles and see how they turn out.

Finished the ones on 2mm needles:

Liked these but 2mm needles are small I need to try 2.5s.

Jenny Wren is finished not sure if I included picks of both before, so here they are:

Knittery Cashmerino Warm Pinks I think.

At Lincraft I picked up some Shepherd Colour For Me for some quick knit 8ply socks for me using Thuja pattern, 3.25mm needles and 48 sts cast on:

These are one of the pairs that were on the needles and missed being counted:

Hobby Print by rico, 2mm needles. Same specs for both of them but they are turning out a little different. The yarn is pooling diffeently on the 2nd one. See the pink and white stripe, much more noticeable and I don't like that, they are more random in the first one. They have been set aside for the pink ones.

Not just knitting socks either, this is Puff, a bear I made a few years ago now. The yarn is so soft and squishy.

Had 2 balls left over that were re-discovered when stash diving the other day and were turned into a scarf for Miss A. It is Patons Charming nice and squishy but not much use for anything but a scarf.
Not much else is happening here, been doing some prac teaching this semester and need to get 4 more days in, in the next 3 weeks and write a report then this semester is done. Can't wait cos I have not had a proper break for well over a year and I really need one. Struggling to complete this semester.


Jessica said...

I have a pair of thuja's on the needles too. Mine are burgundy cleckheaton.

I so hear you on the no holiday need a break from the study thing.
It just doesn't end.

Rudee said...

You have quite a few wips going on there. First, how do you keep it all straight in your head (different patterns, yarns, etc?) and second, do you have any money left over for yarn after you buy all those needles? LOL.

I love the Jenny Wren but I've never done a toe up sock. I need to practice though because after reading the Harlot's description of Vintage Socks, I bought a kit.

I have 4 different sips on needles of all types around here but unfortunately, I'm still duking it out in Sock Wars... Soon, my beautiful smooshy yarn. Soon.

Thanks for befriending me on Rav.

2paw said...

Wow, lots of socks!! 140!!! Love the kind of pink theme happening!!!