Sunday, April 27, 2008

131, 132, 133, 134...

I have enough yarn for 134 pais of socks!! No way am I going to calculate how long I have to stay alive to knit them! I should be knitting now instead of typing this.

After Jess came over last Thursday and peeped at my sock yarn stash, I decided today, that I should try and count how much I have, how much it cost *shudder* and while at it I should probably write it down.

Been hunting the Sullivan's sock yarn, which I happily found whilst on holidays last week. Am currently knitting the pink,black,orange colourway and really like the colours. It is on the thin side though and so I am using 2mm instead of 2.5mm needles. I have the opportunity to purchase this direct from the company, in packs of 10, but am unsure then of how to offload the excess? Etsy maybe?? Not sure, still thinking about this.

No points for guessing my next project ;P


Jessica said...



134 eeeek.

LOL I was tempted to count while I was there, but I was having much more fun looking at all the pretty colours.

2paw said...

But think of all the sock knitting pleasure!! At a fortnight a pair, that's 5 years and 2 months worth of sock knitting, a bargain at any price!!

Lynne said...

You win! 134 pairs of socks. I reckon I've only got about 30 pairs with me and about the same at home. And even witht hat lot I still can't find yarn that I want to knit socks with - I want *new* yarn! LOL

Anonymous said...

I have enough sock yarn for.....a few more than 134 but not much more LOL. I reckon it's cheap entertainement for the next several years!