Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dyeing Adventures

Sock yarn is difficult to find here in SA. Spotlight has just started stocking some Moda Vera Socks in yucky colourways. I am really disappointed with the choice of colour inyarn over here.
Anyway at $4.99 per ball we shouldn't complain. I bought 3 balls first, one in a red,khaki colourway and one in blue and this one in brown/beige/black. Like I said disappointed with colour choice here. I thought it might be dyeable so grabbed it. I am on a bit of a tiger fix at the moment so thought if I could dye it with orange it might be okay.

BEFORE: blah

DURING: nice variations of orange/brown

DONE: mmm tiger.... much better

Still not sure how the pattern will turn out but have envisioned one in pinks, one in blues, one in purples, Miss A wants green. Guess what we'll be doing this weekend.

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Dini said...

Wow I didn't think of dying the Moda vera sock wool I just looked at the colours and went "what the??" but the tiger ones look great! What dye did you use?