Saturday, April 07, 2007


The CPHoodie's left front is done and attached to the back.
I attempted the 3 needle bind off and when I came to bind off the last stitch I realised that I hadn't bound off any stitches as I went along. (can't blame the pain meds 'cos I didn't have any :p ) So a quick unpicking and a re-knit and the shoulders were finally attached. I'm pleased with the results, however, when held up against Miss A the part at the shoulders is not very wide....hmmmm... I'm thinking it will be okay after the hood and the ribbing is added - fingers crossed! No pictures as I am not hobbling around looking for the camera.

My ankle is starting to go down finally and my toes are looking more normal, the bruising is still a deep purple colour which is fine 'cos purple is my favourite colour. I'm off crutches and hobbling slowly and I don't need the office chair for moving around either. Yesterday I made it outside, down the step and back up again a big achievement that one.

I have lots of reading and summarising to do for uni and one unit is due on Wednesday for my Cert 3 in Disability and I just don't wanna do anything. I have to push myself to knit too.

Mr Ex is coming for some of his stuff today (not specifically to see Miss A for Easter, but to get his stuff!) I need to cut some ties there, he is no longer welcome in the house as his nasty comments on what I have bought/not done/my attitude/etc are not good to hear each time he visits. He is not happy about not being able to come inside, but I have rights and choices too.
Time to let go for good - not of him because that happened a long time ago - but of the sadness and the future that was planned but is not there anymore.

Easier typed than done sometimes :)


Jessica said...

Yep and they wonder why they are Ex's.

I'm glad you are feeling a little better and able to hobble a little easier.

Keep going on that Hoodie.

Donna said...

Stay strong! You're doing so well, and moving forward so well. Ina year or two you'll be looking back and seeing how he hasn't moved forward at all, and he's the one who has been holding you back all along. And Miss A will have a winderful role model to look up to :)