Sunday, May 06, 2007

Quickie update

Long time no blog.
Just can't seem to do anything interesting to blog about.

Miss A's CP Hoody is now almost finished with just the seaming to be done. Stuffed up the grafting on the hood and was too lazy to ungraft it and am now sorry I didn't take the time to fix it up. It has a few dodgy stitches right on top of the head!

I've taken a liking to the new Paton's Shadow Tweed and bought a whole lot when it was on special last week. I am currently making the Shawl Collar Jacket in the brown colourway, I went nuts and bought all but the orangey red colour. This yarn reminds me of the Point 5 from Colinette, it is soft but not even firmly spun so I'm wondering how well it will wear.

Another problem is that I could not for the life of me get gauge. They want 14.5 sts with 6.5mm needles and I can't get close to that with 6mm or 5.5mm so I'm doing the smaller size and 14 sts / 10cm with 6mm needles. (got 14sts with the 5.5mm too and I'm not going smaller as it will then be a too firm a fabric which I don't like)
Does that mean that I need to go down a size more when knitting the ribbing?? Hmm, will it then throw out the collar (knitted separately and sewn on later)
They want 6.50mm stocking stitch and 5.5mm ribbing so if I'm knitting my stocking stitch on 6mm needles do I then go to 5mm needles on the rib? Decisions, decisions.....It is very nice to knit with though, lovely and soft.

The teacher that I work with asked me, "Do you knit fingerless gloves?". "Why yes, I do", I replied, knowing what was coming....yep some more Fetchings, again with that lovely black alpaca. These I will knit mainly at school and still have some 'me' knitting time at home.

Not very happy today as I am sick, hit me like a brick on Friday. One minute I was feeling fine, then sneezed and within 10 minutes - seriously that is how fast this thing came on, no warning or anything!! - I thought uh oh, am I coming down with something? Just suddenly had no energy, felt dizzy etc. So Saturday was spent on the lounge knitting and feeling miserable.

Oh, I also caved and ordered some Knit Picks Needles -finally. Blame that on the fever/ PMS/ medication........

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Jessica said...

I'll help you re do the grafting if you like:)

That feeling crap thing hit our house just as quickly on the weekend.

Hurry up and seam that Hoodie. Miss B is at me now wanting to wear hers.