Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I had a bit of an accident Monday night, I fell over in the backyard - tripped over my rainwater tank pipe and then fell into the hole where my fishpond/bathtub was. Luckily the bathtub had been removed and I fell on the soft?!? ground. When I looked at my foot my ankle was at a funny angle, oooh :0 I popped it back in and called for Miss A to bring the phone out. My dear neighbour and her husband were there within minutes, they helped me up and took me to the doctors, ran around looking for crutches for me and bandages and medication. I don't know what I would have done without them....probably just gone inside and gotten out the frozen peas.

Xrays show a small sliver of bone broken off but no fractures.
So now I have the rest of the week off as well as the Easter break to recover.

Crutches are a big ol PIA - the computer chair is so much easier. The pain medication makes me feel sick so I'm not having anymore of that in a hurry (the pain isn't too bad anyway)
I won't post pictures cos it's just gross looking at the moment.

Thought of a whole week of knitting time was dashed when the pain meds made me dizzy/queazy/sick etc, I still cannot sit up for very long, let alone do anything constructive.

In other news Mr Ex now has a new g/friend and is pushing Miss A to meet her! Not happy 'bout that. I was not allowed to have anymore children I would have dearly loved to have two and now he's shacked up with a woman who has 3 girls. She has/is clearing out her youngest daughter's room so that Miss A can share the room and have sleepovers. Over my dead body!!!

What is it that now he wants to have more contact with her now that he has a g/friend??
Am I wrong to think that when I look after her 3 daughters then she can have a go at looking after my daughter?? I do not want to become the single mother from Desperate Housewives...remember her? But now I understand her so much more.

What would you do??


Donna said...

Can't help you there, mine went the other way. He remarried, and hasn't laid eyes on his daughter in over 5 years.
I guess you can hope it'll wear off. (If he's anything like my ex, anyway!)

Jessica said...

Blah, I wish I knew what to tell you. Sounds like our Mr Ex's were separated at birth. Mine also only wants to see Miss B when there is a g/f on the scene.