Saturday, March 24, 2007

Where Does The Time Go?

Well not much has been happening here lately just the same old work and study routine.

University studies are going very well and I'm even enjoying it. Got some credit for my previous studies and have been successful in applying for exemption to two assignments for one unit. Phew - that means less work.

Even been allowing myself time off for knitting. No pictures yet as it's just the CPHoody for Miss A and is growing slowly. I haven't had the urge to knit anything so haven't picked it up for weeks now but it is there and this week I've been knitting a little, even if it's just one row after I've read my papers, it's starting to entice me back. I'd forgotten how relaxing it is for me. if I put it off much longer Miss A will have grown out of the Hoody!

Really - not much happening = not much blogging.

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Jessica said...

You know if you just sit down and pick up that Hoodie , you wont want to put it down. So go make yourself a drink, grab a bowl of lollies, put on a dvd and knit.

Speaking of which I should go and do the same. It's really hard to blog about knitting when you haven't done any.