Friday, August 04, 2006

Quick Update:

My Bendigo order came yesterday, and I am in love!
The Damson is more beautiful than I could have imagined and I can see it as a Central Park Hoodie, and can't wait to start. It is great to have a project that I am excited in.

The Mariner that I ordered is on back order so I get to be surprised when that comes. In the meanwhile I'll just pet the Damson.

I have had the worst birthday of my life this year! If I could have stayed home in bed I would have - and looking back I wish I had called in sick.

Centrelink are being difficult giving me the run around and one person told me they had lost my paperwork so when I went in to see them - on my birthday - I waited for ages and lo and behold, there, on the desk in front of me, was the missing paperwork!
Turns out it wasn't missing at all. If they could all just get their story straight they'd do a lot better. So I am fighting them (still) and it's the principal of it all now, not just the financial benefits.

The kids in the class I work in all made me gorgeous cards which I'll treasure and we shared cake.

We went to see Hoodwinked yesterday, my choice, the verdict - eh. Okay for little kids but the storyline could be confusing for them. Miss A and I had a whole, huge cinema just to ourselves.

Oh and the hot water system broke last night at midnight so it was washing by bucket this morning. This I didn't mind so much.
Mr Ex now has another thing to hold over me as he has the finances to go out and get one today and I don't.

This post been a little disjointed but I didn't want to put all the bad things up. It's funny cos that's what I started the blog for, an outlet for what I was feeling, what I was knitting etc. But now that I know people read it - gasp - I find I censor what I say otherwise it'll be a whinge session again. Sure there's going to be conflict with Mr Ex and the Centrelink issue will be ongoing so I'll just write little updates. And it's important to stay positive.

I may have to start a good thing for the day and a bad thing for the day and keep it small. Or a whinge session warning so that you can skip that part.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the weekend, it's knitting group this Sunday!


Jessica said...

I'm sorry you had such a crap day.

Just remember it's YOUR blog and you can rant as much as you like.

You can rant every post, just throw in some cute cat pics or pretty yarn pics and rant away.

sue said...

Ooh I too am joining the KAL for the Central Park Hoodie. I am knitting mine in Dusty Blue 10 ply. I also got some Mariner and the color is just gorgeous. Sorry you had a such a crappy birthday. I think that sometimes you should stay in bed. I remember a few years ago I had my handbag stolen on my birthday and we were just about to go out to lunch. Lunch was cancelled and I spent the rest of the day cancelling cards and trying to figure out what I had inside it that was now gone. Hope your next birthday is better. Cheers.

Sharon said...

As Jessica mentioned above it is your blog and sometimes we have to rant!!

Sending you some happy belated birthday wishes anyway :)