Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ahh, we're both sick here, my cold has reached the two week mark and Miss A's just started yesterday.
The lack of posting bothers me but I just can't be bothered grabbing Miss A and stuffing the yellow socks on her for a photo. Hope you understand.

The good that has come from this is that I've completed 3 assignments in this week alone. I tell ya - I've gotta do them when I get them and not leave them till the last minute!
So Communicating Electronically, Produce Complex Business Documents and Develop and Use Complex Databases are all finished (whether they are correct and I pass are another story)

I haven't been able to settle to knit much of anything. I took on a project - I think I posted about it before - a black alpaca scarf. It's kicking my butt 160cm of black 4x4 ribbing.
Each time I sit to knit my new cat jumps up on my lap and sleeps, I can't disturb him. If I start to knit he wants to play with the needles. Always wanted a cat to snuggle on my lap, none of the others are lap snugglers.

Uh Oh, this is where it gets whingy back away now.

So my list of things to do is as follows in no particular order:
  1. Complete Cert 4 in ICT by end June
  2. Begin Reclassification process (going from SSO1 to an SSO2)
  3. Start Cert 4 in Business Administration next month
  4. Fight Centrelink for benefits
  5. See lawyer regarding property settlement and stuff
  6. Initiate divorce proceedings
  7. Knit something

Now number 4 above: Centrelink does not agree that I am separated and trying to live on my own meagre wage. They say that being separated under one roof is too hard to prove and keep sending me away. However in desperation I sought legal advice with Legal Aid here in SA. They say that Centrelink is not doing the right thing at all and I am indeed entitled to said benefits and need to keep appealing their decision. Just have to have few letters of support from like the therapist that I visited each week for over 8 months (at a cost of $50 per session) when I first split up, the teacher that supported me when I had a mini melt down at work (the students still say to me - "Remember when you cried that day? That was funny". Luckily I can counter with some crap about us all having bad days and that I can remember consoling each and everyone of them when they have cried) and my doctor who is very supportive.

Not separated indeed! If I want something for Miss A, I have to buy it and give him the receipt and he'll think about paying half!! We don't even talk to each other.

Which begs the questions -

Why am I still here?

And no, it's not because I still hope to get back together, he is a different person now and I've seen his dark side and have no desire whatsoever in that direction.

Because this is my home, my cats are here and I know I'll lose at least 2 of them, Miss A can see her dad whenever she wants (although he hasn't been here much lately and mostly just sleeps after work), I have too much on my plate at the moment, we have too much stuff to move, I love the area, but the bottom line is that Miss A and I have talked it over at length and she wants to stay. Perhaps if I keep ignoring the problem long enough he'll go away.

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Jessica said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww crap. I'm not normally a huggy person but hey I'm sending you hugss after reading that post.

Centrelink are a pain in the butt and yes proving you are seperated when still living in the same house is hard, which is why they don't want to bother.

Is there any chance he will move out???? It really doesn't sound like he is benefitting either you or Miss A by being in the house.

If not maybe moving yourself at some point may not be a bad idea and I don't mean right now........... just at some point when you are ready. It might make it easier to define where you are at and be your own person.

Moving is a pain, but setting up your own space can be a lot of fun...... ( thats what I keep trying to convince myself of cause I know I will have to move sometime this yearish)

and the cat issue ummmmm kidnapping your own cats isn't a crime is it?????
If you wanted to be generous you could give him visiting days;)