Monday, July 13, 2009


Two pairs of socks have been completed this month:

Yarn: Vinca - #549
Needles: 2mm
Cast On: 68sts
Comments: Interesting yarn to knit with, lovely colour changes. Firm fit.

Yarn: Opal 'Lupin'
Needles 2.5mm
Cast on: 68sts
Accidentally snipped the working yarn at the ribbing and had to reattach :( fortunately it didn't muck up the matching striped too much. Had to add some more black yarn 2 rounds before the end of the toes otherwise one would have had yellow and red at the tips of the toes. Very easy to match this yarn.

I have decided that life is too short to be saving the 'good' sock yarn. I had been waiting until I was worthy of the good yarn - not saying I am now worthy just giving up on that idea as no matter how careful I am during knitting, a small error inadvertently creeps in, whether it is a missed decrease found after the toes are kitchenered or me not remembering if I crossed a box on my ticky sheet. Socks are rather forgiving and mistakes like these do not affect the end product.

So I am going to be knitting up my Noro and my long petted yarns and my excitement for sock knitting is now bordering on the crazy side :)

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2paw said...

I totally agree, moths could eat the special sock wool before you even get to use it!! Very nice new socks, clever Lupin-ing. Are you HP-ing this week????