Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Socks!!

Holidays have been spent writing up lesson plans, studying and some knitting in between.

Spotlight had new sock yarn out so I had to try it. It is Moda Vera Noir. A little scratchy in places but hopefully it will soften up with washing. It was also very thin in one or two places but for only $12.95 ($8.95 this week on special - typical!)

I also finished my first pair of monkey socks, these seemed to take the longest time as I could not decide on a pattern, much time was lost researching patterns on Ravelry. One is bigger than the other because it got tried on a lot.

My third lot of Teaching Practicums starts on Tuesday, so I will be tired and grumpy for the next 8 weeks, I have 5 x one day per week sessions followed by a three week block.
I have prepared a unit of work containing 9 lessons on plant life cycle / germination etc.
I have decided not to do a teaching prac next semester as I feel it would be beneficial to have some more ideas for lessons by doing other fun units such as Maths and Science (oh boy) for both 2nd sememster AND Summer Semester. I need to do Summer Semester this year or my plan to finish in 2013 will not happen.

It is finally raining here and it is expected to continue for the next week, yay, lesson plans are almost done with one more to go, so that leaves the rest of the holidays for knitting. We all know how great it is to be sitting inside under a rug knitting, while outside is grey and dull and wet (or is that just me?)

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Yarnsticksbooks said...

I am trying to restrain myself from buying that sock yarn as I wasn't happy with Spotties last sock yarn offering. I do like the pink/ purple colourway and rellies etc love the self striped socks as pressies. I may get sucked in yet.

Does it stick to itself like the last lot?