Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Long time no blog...or On The Edge!

Alternative Title: This is called living.

Don't you love it when the universe conspires against you?

WARNING: I will hit the next person that says, "Things can only get better from here".

Yes a ranty post, strap in and let's go. (It won't be too bad, I promise)
Seems like I only blog when things are not going as expected.

  • On Saturday my washing machine fried. It was 12 yrs old. Only $999 for a new one which is getting delivered today. Probably should have turned it off when it started making that funny noise and not when the smoke started coming out of it right?

  • Also signed up for a Cross Trainer only $999 can put it on GE Card and pay it off slowly right? Wrong if I want to use GE Card, I will have to pay full price of $1699 blah I can juggle some money over and pay cash for it....will only be broke for a few weeks...oh gee I have my prac teaching block coming up and I have to take that as Leave Without Pay- one whole week. Oops perhaps the cross trainer was not a good idea right now? Can save $700 this way, why pay them $700 when I don't need to right? But I want it! And I have paid a deposit, They need to get one in so that'll buy me some time, what? it's here, now, I need to get it this week? shit.

  • Today was my divorce hearing.. it was granted, so that's not so bad right. Mr Ex didn't show up and cause problems or anything like that.

  • Today I woke up to find that my car had been 'keyed'- right across the bonnet, Not too bad, it's only a car and it will only cost $350.00. Not buying yarn at the moment, it's only a couple of jumpers worth. I thought it was that stray cat that has been hanging around but the crash repairers said that it was definitely a key. Who would key my car at work?? See above that no money = no going anywhere. Haven't been to the shops for two weeks.

  • My dear cat is still marking his territory IN THE HOUSE!! aarrgghh!!! right infront of us, IN the video cupboard ON all the videos and playstation games WTF? If I have to fork out another $60 bucks for Lego Starwars I will scream.

  • I have enlisted the help of a personal trainer 3 weeks ago hence the desire for a Cross Trainer. I have exercised my huge butt off and have currently lost 7kgs. I am on a health kick and have managed to avoid the chocolate cakes at morning tea and just eat my banana and I have now been pushed over the edge.

  • The lovely girls from work and I will be going out for tea tomorrow night, there may be alcohol involved, definitely schnitzel parmagiana and chips (diet!? c'mon I need a break-haven't you seen the week I've had?? Yes, I know I have no money, Yes, I know my Personal Trainer will not be happy, Yes, I know I will pay for it in sweat later this week)

Can you say 'Cash Flow Problem' ? I will look back over this post and laugh in a few weeks time.

BTW any invites over for tea will gladly be accepted.

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