Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm Baaack

Tigers is back from the dead. ooh zombie Tigers. scarey.

Anyway I have completed 2.5 socks. Cant remember what I have already posted about so apologies if I am repeating myself.
One is the horrible hobby print.
The other is DIC Classy in Ruby River. beautiful, love the socks and the yarn. Thuja pattern.

Over the last few weeks I have written posts in my head and not gotten round to posting.
They were all hilariously funny and witty. But I have since forgotten them. sorry again.

Lots of things to post about but no pics too lazy to get the camera, find the socks (they have been swallowed up by my room)

I have been:
filled ....obvious dental reference which is to be repeated in 3 weeks time. Oh joy!

prodded.....problems with most of my girly bits, again Oh joy! also to be repeated in a few weeks time. See the pattern developing here?
miserable...due to above girly issues and general malaise of having a respiritory illness for 6 weeks.
ill....and so are 7 out of the 12 kids in my class so possibly to be repeated in a few days time.
studying...this is ongoing and I am trying to stay on task and up to date with weekly work.
socialising...girls from work have been ensuring that the above is not happening and have changed my online dating drinking status from non-drinker to social pisspot. I know what a hangover feels like ;)

Mr Ex has also had his own health problems that have impacted on Miss A, he has a bone tumour in his spine and his treatment so far is going okay. Miss A however has not been ok and that is one of my reasons for not posting as often these last few months.


Rudee said...

I'm glad you're better. I worried. I don't know about dating. Haven't done it in decades. Just be yourself I guess, pointy sticks and all.

2paw said...

Sounds like you have been having a very boogelly time. Things can only get better really!! Dating?? I have never dated. At all. That makes me very strange I think!!

Life's little stuff said...

Life gets tricky sometimes, doesn't it. Thank goodness there's knitting.
Hope things get heaps better soon - after the drilling etc.