Friday, March 14, 2008

When is it too hot for knitting?

The temperature here is ridiculous. Here's the way it went, and continues to go in degrees C.

Monday 3rd March.....35

Tuesday 4th March .....36

Wednesday 5th March.....38

Thursday 6th March.....38

Friday 7th March.....39

Saturday 8th March.....40

Sunday 9th March.....40

Monday 10th March.....40

Tuesday 11th March.....38

Wednesday 12th March.....39

Thursday 13th March.....40

Friday14th March.....38 last night's temp was 30! (hottestnight for however long) tonight 20.

and the latest forecasts:

Saturday 15th March.....38

Sunday16th March.....38

Monday 17th March.....39

Tuesday 18th March.....39

Wednesday 19th March.....31 yay cool change!

Thursday 20th March.....27

Apparently we beat the record for 8 consecutive days over 35 degrees and another one for the longest heatwave in an Australian Capital - I think that's it. Woo Hoo. Last night on the news they showed some rain pouring down, just in case we Adelaideans forgot what it looked like. Gee it looked really good. I promise I won't complain about winter when/if it comes.

It is way hot out by the computer so I am giving myself the weekend off of studying

(removed rant about text book availability and how it is nearly 3 weeks into the unit and they are just now sorting out textbooks which we should have been reading in week 1) hmmm. I figure with Miss A at camp next week and at her Dad's ALL Easter, I will catch up, and by then, my textbooks will have arrived. There will be no time for tears, I'll be too busy studying.

So when is it too hot to knit?? I am getting more knitting done now than ever before. Possibly due to new portability of sock projects and influx of sock yarn - darn stuff must breed when I'm asleep. Where did that package come from?

My sock knitting has increased due to the new method. The Tiger socks are done. I would change one thing though and that would be to knit the foot 2 cms longer or maybe more. The slip stitch on the heel actually sits on the underside of the foot hence a little more footage would be good. I think I did 30 rows then the toes.

The crayon socks were ripped back and restarted, they were half a foot complete each. Haven't worked on these since April 06. But made up that loss in no time. I did add to the foot in these, but still could be a little longer. I think I did 36 rows for these.

So next pair of socks, I think I will go to 40 or 46 - as the pattern recommended - it was hard to judge, some patterns said begin the toe 3cm from the top of your foot, and others were begin the toe at the base of your toes, neither is right for my feet.
Once I get this recipe right for my foot I'll be happy.


2paw said...

We are obsessed with weather here, and it has been in the BOM report on the ABC radio every morning. Not a record I want to even think about - it was 29* here today, though 29* here is a lot hotter than on the mainland, I don't think I could bear the heat for that long. I would have to live in the paddle pool!! You poor thing!!!

Nice socks!! I shall have to go back and see what your new method is!! Can't remember, the heat has addled my brain.

Jessica said...

It is too hot for knitting in this house. Too many hot days in a row and my poor Rogue is totally neglected.

This house is hotter than the old one to start with and the air conditioning is inefficient....... I am still waiting for them to install the plug for my airconditioner from the old house.

I am glad you are enjoying the new sock method.

I usually start the toe once I have gone slightly past (say 1 - 1.5 cms) the start of my toes. This allows for any stretching I may be doing to convince myself I can start the toe already and for any slight shrinkage when washing.

Life's little stuff said...

Just caught up with some of your posts. Loved the dyeing . How'd you do it?
And I'm still impressed that you find Ice Queen so easy. It's sitting in the bottom of my bag - waiting.
Hope Easter went well for you.
Huggs Tina