Monday, January 21, 2013

More bags

Churning out one per day. It takes approximately just over 2 hours to complete one.
At the moment it is a nice diversion from things and I am taking my time making them. I have even been making up some zipper pulls from my bead box. My signature is the dragonfly charm on the zipper pulls, although I find I can be talked into mushrooms, giraffes and turtles :P

They almost equal my knitting WIPs.

Some things I have learnt part 2:
  •  The handles are better with the heavier Shapewell (finally found out what it's called) it's a devil to turn in the right way but has a much better finish.
  • Zipper pulls are fun :)
  • After sewing the lining and the outer, before you cut the corners, sew through all layers just over the zip and pull tabs, this gives a neater finish for the interior right near the zip:
Before: Messy.
Now it looks way better!

My favourites, the big one is for jumpers.
Zipper pull for smaller bag.
Large bag's zipper pull.
Latest bag from this morning, the silver in this one is metallic.

It's fun finding beads that compliment the bags.
Miss A's mushroom bag,
She even found a button that matches.

Find the cat...

Where is Andy??

Andy loves cat caves, he will either make one himself or meow for us to help him.  It is better if we help because he literally digs himself into one. Nothing is safe, blankets, quilts, dressing gowns. He will stay in them for hours!

I will call it a day now and go knit on my honey cowl.


2paw said...

I love Andy in the cat cave!! My friend's kitten has a 'tent' she likes to go in!! All your bags are great. I like the lined ones better too.

sillyewe said...

Hey, there!!!! Long time no check in on! hahahah I thought I'd see how it is all going. Your bags look TERRIFIC!!!

Good for you on the weight loss. I am at it myself a little. It was time…I couldn't figure out if I was slow because of age or being in bad shape…I think it is the latter. hahahahhaah