Friday, December 21, 2012

Where Are My Pictures Blogger?!?

Well it seems that by plugging in your smartphone and signing into Google Accounts that some setting on something totally wipes the  Picassa Web Albums where Blogger hosts all the photos.
The auto sync thingy on your phone/Google Account wants to sync everything - I didn't have any blog pics on my new phone so Picassa goes oh no photos hey? well I'll just remove all your web albums and blogger pics then!

So now the last few years of my life are not documented for all eternity.
The only way to get them back is to find what pictures where in the particular post, find them on your computer, and add them back to the post manually, then delete the place holder wher your missing picture is. I did not want to spend the six weeks holidays that I have re-uploading my life's pictures to my blog!

What a complete stuff up Picasa/Blogger/Google!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not the only person this has happened to so beware!

So sorry everyone (one) the job is just soo huge I don't think I will be able to reload all the pics.
And what if it happens again? I think I would cry.

Merry Christmas

ETA Posts beyond Jan 2007 seem to have photos still so it's just 2007 to present that need re-uploading.
I have decided to go to Photobucket and host my images there, that way if it happens again Blogger is not part of the link to my pictures and therefore cannot remove them. Fingers crossed.

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