Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's finished and it fits!!

I just finished sewing a zipper in my Viking Cabled Central Park Hoody and I looove it!!
Finally something that fits.
I mucked up the zipper 3 times and had to unpick it luckily I only had to unpick one side but gah! so much unpicking.

I am now an expert (self-proclaimed of course) at installing zipp
Here is what I have learnt:
  • Baste it in with two strands of sewing thread with small stitches. Make sure you are lining up the rib on both sides.
  • Use a sewing machine to secure it in place permanently - use a medium/long stitch - I didn’t realise my sewing machine, although set to medium, was sewing tiny stitches.
  • Remove and tidy up threads.
  • Dance around and show the cat, be amazed at your skills.
Anyway it is done, drumroll please...


2paw said...

Oh it's beautiful!! It will be fabulously and stylishly warm!! Yes, those are very good zip insertion tips, that's how I do it too!!

Rudee said...

It's perfect. So did you knit this in the round and do a steek for the zipper?

I have horrendous zipper skills, but I'm inspired by your success.