Thursday, September 17, 2009


See this....
It is now several balls of wool. I could not envision wearing it outside the house, it looks dowdy. Must say that they yarn is yummy and soft and I still really want it finished, just in a smaller size that's all.

I made the decision to rip it out and re-do it. Not a hard decision considering it didn't turn out like I had wanted it to. It needed 25 rows taken out from the underarm to chest section and 5 cable repeats off of the bottom. If that was all that was needed I could probably have cut and grafted, however I felt it was too wide a the back neck as well.
Now this is not a case of not swatching or not measuring because I measured and swatched and checked it all the way along. Although it did stretch a bit lengthwise, I think it's a case of not realising that the fabric would have a little more stretch and that a smaller size would be okay too.

So now I have this...

I didn't reskein and soak the yarn to straighten it, I just wound it into a ball and started knitting it up. The stitches are a bit wonky so I hope they will settle after blocking.
It is now two sizes smaller and my fingers are crossed even tighter this time ( no I have checked and rechecked the figures/gauge/etc and I am sure that this time all will go well.

Andy doesn't really care as long as I sit still.
He insists on squishing himself right up next to me and the arm of the chair EVERY time.

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2paw said...

Oh no!! I saw the pictures on the Ravelry activity but I totally misinterpreted them. I thought it was the beginning and the end of a project, not the end and a new beginning. I hate it when you do all the right things and your knitting still turns out to be the wrong size. Good luck and fast knitting!! Andy loves you!!!