Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Here are the most recent socks that I have completed.

socktober 556


Thuja pattern

Spunky Eclectic 'Signature' yarn

3.25mm needles

Nice thick, warm socks for winter.

socktober 557


Thuja pattern

3.25mm needles

Dream in Color Classy 'Ruby River'

socktober 558


Thuja pattern

3.25mm needles

Shepherd Colour 4 Me 'pink/white'

socktober 559


Hobby Print

2mm needles

My sock recipe

Not very happy with the way the colours pooled. Might have even posted these finished before - can't remember.

Current WIP: Sea Socks

socktober 560

Thuja again (love this pattern!)

3.25mm needles

Shepherd Colour 4 Me 'blue/green'

Other News


has just one more test to go in a week and a bit and then I am done for the year. Not doing Summer Semester this year, I really need the rest.


found out who damaged my car, disappointed to find out that it was one of my students and even more disappointed when I found that I had to fork out for the repairs myself as the Dept will not cover staff cars! My car was not the only one vandalised either. Anyway, the damage has been repaired and I have been relieved of over $300. The crash repairers did a fantastic job, I am very happy and I will not dwell on this any longer, the damage is gone now.


it is the holidays and we are both sick again. At least something in my life is predictable hey? I managed to avoid coming down with the flu during school-time but now that the holidays have started, I succumbed.

Weight Loss

Had official weigh in last week and my loss so far is 6kgs. I had engaged the services of a Personal Trainer 6 weeks ago and it is going well. Up until we both got sick that is and now I have no energy to do anything except reach for chocolate and pepsi max. I will worry about exercising when I am better.


Miss A and I have new bikes and intend to go riding a) when we are better and b) when it is not raining. Kmart had 25% off bikes, Miss A had grown out of hers, great timing. I was ust going to get mine serviced but when we went to the bike store there was a bike in my fave colour for only 50 bucks more than a service would cost me. My old bike was bought when I was in my late teens and bike technology has changed a lot since then so.... a new bike was bought for me. The car has also had a towbar installed complete with bike carrier so we can ride further away. That was one of the main activities that we were going to do these holidays, best laid plans of ours always go astray.

So that's about it, being sick makes it the perfect time to sit and knit, so that's what is planned for the duration of this fluey/coldy thing.


2paw said...

Look at all your lovely socks and I have to admit that I am a poolaholic: I love pooling!!!!
Didn't you know that's what holidays are for?? To be sick, instead of in school time. Hope you are feeling better soon. Any Education department covers their teachers and employees for absolutely NOTHING.

Ann said...

That's a lot of lovely socks in gorgeous colors. Looks like you are addicted to Thuja!

-SUPcake- said...

WOW! I wish I could knit like that! Or blog like that! I'm really knew, actually. But I am pretty impressed.