Thursday, July 05, 2007

Seen better days

These curtains were made by my Mum over 30 years ago! The fabric was soo old they had started to disintegrate and some curtain rings were broken. I finally got the motivation to make some new ones.

Andy is the feline model for this shot... heaven help him if he runs up these curtains like he used to with the old ones.

I took out the small one in the middle as I wanted these to close over the door thus allaying my fear that I was secretly being spied on by the neighbours at night time (or the Boogey Man or some such creature that may be hiding out in my backyard)

Knitting Knews...

Two orders for Fetchings must be completed these holidays, funny how I couldn't stop knitting these until someone actually wanted me to make them a pair, now it's a chore to be put off until scarves are finished. Now ask me how many scarves I've made in the last 2 weeks ( the answer is 2 and a half)

Uni News...

Semester one is finished yay! Semester 2 starts on the 23rd July. School holidays are here next week and they end on the 23rd July so I have two whole weeks in which to solidly knit - that's the plan anyway.

Personal News...

Miss A goes to her Dad's for 2 whole nights - he picks her up tomorrow and will drop her back Sunday. I am still finding being parted from her very difficult. Luckily he doesn't ask her up very often. She is glad to be home too as I don't think he spends very much time with her. The girlfriend and her 3 daughters look after her more than he does. Roll on Sunday.

So what delights have I got planned for myself to tide me over?
I have Angel complete season one, Sixteen Candles, Duece Biglow 1, The Family Stone and all the Alien movies (That will go well with my new curtains cos I will wake in the night and be able to go to the loo without the monster from the movie watching me through my back door)

Oh and I have chocolate - Clinkers, Snickers Pods, Dairy Milk family block, Quatro biscuits, and Iced coffee. That should cover the five food groups ;)

Reminds me, I must set up the treadmill these holidays too.


Jessica said...

No sneaky boogeyman peeking at you.
Are you going to paint the door purple to match the curtains? :P

Funny how as soon as you have to knit something you suddenly loose interest in it.

jacqui said...

I am so over the knitting by request! Give me the selfish knitting every time!!