Thursday, April 21, 2016

A spanner in the works

Well I failed miserably at getting healthy. Shit happens.

I think I will be using my blog a bit more as an outlet for my thoughts and to document my new journey. I need to get it out somewhere and this is a diary of my life so why not.

 It is with a bit of relief that I have now been diagnosed with MS last Monday. My goal is to find my new normal.

My journey so far. 2014 a bout of Transverse Myelitis which left me feeling numb over the left side of my body. Which I recovered well and completely from.

Cue 9 weeks ago when my left leg refused to hold my weight and I nearly fell over. In hindsight I should have gone to the doctors right away but really didn't get the urgency of the symptoms.

1st April I had my MRI which showed 4 new lesions on my brain - these buggers are responsible for the inconsistent vertigo and wonky left leg.

11th April I got the formal diagnosis of MS - yay. I kinda new it wasn't good when my leg went but I had just started a full time contract and did not want to take time off - I still don't. I am managing really well at work so no probs there I am more switched on and the vertigo doesn't really bother me as much there as it does when I am off the clock and home. A good distraction.

I now have an MS nurse called Kevin, a membership with the local MS Society and pamphlets galore on different medications. With every step it became more real. A visit with another nurse to discuss things and sort where to next. Getting the script filled for the medication, having the hospital appointment booked. I am on holidays now and it is a perfect time to start treatment. Tomorrow I go into hospital to start Gilenya tablets. You have to be monitored for around 6 hours to make sure you don't have heart issues. I am excited to start treatment and also nervous as the side effects from the meds can range from not bad to fatal. There is no choice each med has its own set of nasties that comes with it.

So I will roll the dice and take my chances.

 Changes in myself I and only those close to me notice have been a slowness in speech and thinking. I can't quite find the word I am looking for.

I still knit it was slightly clumsy at first but getting back to normal.Currently working on Sonnentau in Wollmeise Pfauenage.

Lifestyle changes really have to happen now - I have been bad in the past about sticking to these but now they are a have to, my best chance at coping with this for longer and with no relapses is my goal.

I am not sad or despondent as I said it was a relief, the aha moment when it all clicked into place.

 I don't have time for this MS will have to keep up with me.

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