Friday, October 25, 2013

Getting Healthy

I'm still around.
After some health scares my partner and I have decided to get healthy.  I've gone from couch potato to gym attendee in a little over 3 months and so far have lost 11 kgs and have about 12 to go. Last night was Bootcamp and tonight we will be boxing.

LilySlim Weight charts We try to eat as cleanly as we can limiting processed food and exercising 6 days a week. Instead of cakes and biscuits for morning tea I will have fruit or yoghurt or just a coffee and instead of a cheese and vegemite sandwich (gosh I love those) I have lean meat and a big salad.

I think my main motivation - apart from the health issues - is that when I knit something it will now take less time and less yarn!

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2paw said...

Glad everything is ok. You are gaining so much health, well done!!